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Copying a Viewport to a different drawing


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Hi all,

Is there a way to copy a Viewport that's been annotated on a sheet layer to another Vectorworks drawing. I'd like to copy my viewport of a set over into a large studio plan as it's been annotated and is ready to go. 

I can't seem to find a way around this but I hope there is one!
Many thanks!


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There is a workaround for this.  First Group the viewport you want to move - then copy the group.  You will then be able to paste this group into a new drawing and ungroup it to get at your viewport.  Then just go to the viewport settings and point it at the layer you need.  (Obviously the viewport does not bring any of the design layer geometry with it, but it will bring the annotations and settings).

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4 hours ago, Alan Woodwell said:

Hi, If you group and copy them over and you copy all your design layer stuff over and paste in place you will be able to eyedroper the attributes over, and you may have to turn on all your design layers in the viewports but they will all show exactly as the previous file.

You had a nice video in some other thread ....

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24 minutes ago, rexwexford said:

hi all


has anyone noticed that in vwx 2021 the grouping and pasting of a viewport into another document no longer works? i used this ALL THE TIME! 


any suggestions for a work around? 


This was re-instated for SP3. If you update you should be good to go. (It seems like it was actually re-coded - you don't even have to group the viewport anymore).

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