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macOS Sierra - Experiences with VW '16 / '17

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Yes, I updated to Mac OS Sierra and VW 2016 (RENDERWORKS) is no longer working. Attempting to use Fast Renderworks or Final Quality Renderworks results in a HANG. I have been working with tech support and they have confirmed the issue. In my opinion. If you need to use Renderworks DO NOT UPGRADE to 10.12.1.  I have also tried using Renderworks in VW 2017 and then backsaved and tried VW 2013. The result was the same. VW will either CRASH, HANG, stop responding or it will take so long to render it is no longer useful as a design tool.

I needed a project finished for Monday morning I had to go into the office on Sunday and use his old IMac running Mac OS Yosemite.  The project ran fine on the IMac running Mac OS Yosemite.

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I've upgraded to Sierra with VW 2014 and the only problem I've had so far is that sometimes the print dialogue box 'print' button shows 'save' and executes a save function and won't print - but not always. Others in the office are experiencing unexplained quitting, updater won't run and not being able to install 2015 - and apparently it's all my fault!

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On ‎9‎/‎21‎/‎2016 at 3:44 AM, johnnygitarr said:


has someone already updated to macOS Sierra?

How does Sierra work with VW 2016 / 2017 yet, any dramatic problems so far?

Yes I have.. I feel is  much slower the rendering process.  IT is taking me forever to print to PDF  but I am just started using the MAC with version 17 so I can not really reach an assessment.

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I would like to add to my post on Sierra and say my Mac Pro mac Pro will render in a viewport (as suggested by tech support). However, the Fast Renderworks rendering takes so long that it is not a working solution. I have tested Renderworks using several older version on VW going back to 2013 and they all do not render. So something changed in OS 10.12.1 that is affecting VW on my Mac system preventing Renderworks from working like it does on Mac OS Yosemite. When I open Force Quit it reports VW is not responding but if left alone for 30 minutes it will work.

As of today I have only had problems with Vectorworks 2016 all my other software is working as before. Much slower is a understatement.

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On 11/7/2016 at 11:07 AM, JimW said:

Yes, agreed, I can not urge readers enough: We do NOT recommend upgrading to Sierra yet if you rely on Vectorworks. There are few, if any, must-have features in Sierra that are worth risking your daily workflow. 


I just updated VW 2017 with the latest Service Update SP2 and updated the Vectorworks Libaries. All is working well and the update came just in time for a project I have been working on. I did not down-grade to Mac OS 10.11 but stayed 10.12.1 until things got fixed. VW 2017 and Mac OS 10.12.1 are working fine here.

Thank You to the Vectorworks Team.
Bob Tiedemann
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Screen redraw issue with wireframe? Mac OS Sierra and VW 2017 SP2.

Almost works great. I spoke to soon. After several hours of work on a complex 3D design/rendering project the wireframe drawing becomes invisible..I can render the project and see the project but I have to restart to see the outlines again. It seems like I pass some threshold and have to many parts for the software to redraw.


I have switched to compatable setting in VW preferences but it still goes invisible after a time. Help.

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Thank You for confirming. What you are describing is the same as what I have been experiencing. When the screen goes blank you can see the wireframe when you pass over the objects with the mouse. The lines are orange then disappear. I just noticed NVIDA/GeForce color board drivers are off and running on OS X Default graphics drivers built into OS Sierra. It may be connected or not. I am just getting used to the new Resource Manager and I don't want to go back.


Mac Pro 2010 5,1, 32G, GeForce GTX 680, Apricorn Velocity Solo X2 with 1 TB 840 EVO SSD, FASTA 6GU3 Pro USB 3.0 / SATA upgrade and 27" Apple LED Cinema Display.

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