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Workspace 9 to 10

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I imported the workspace from 9 to 10 and also

added the custom tools to the plug in folder.

I get messages that that tool is not in the workspace and I need to edit it. Even for tools like zoom and other standard ones .

How do I fix this without actually recreating the workspace in 10,it will take me forever,?

Thank you

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The best thing to do is to create a new custom workspace from one of the workspaces that installed iwth VW 10.

Most of the tools from VW 9 to 10 changed in some way. Finding which tools/commands are different between vw 9 and 10 requires alot of work by the user. When the problems are found, you then have to go thru and remove that menu or tool from the workpsace and add it back in.

It's alot of work... which is why it's easier to just recreate the workspace with a workspace available in VW 10.

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You probably need to go into the workspace editor and redo the shortcut.

Yes most of the tools are there, but there were changes made to alot of those tools- which in some cases requires the tool to be removed from your personal workspace and readded to force the association with the new plugin/tool/menu script in the plugins folder.

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