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Resource Browser - new libraries added?!?



Hi everyone.

I'm downloaded some of the content libraries, via "Help -> download content"

Specifically the Renderworks textures. I've refreshed the libraries in the resource  browser, but can't find the new installed libraries anywhere!!

Anyone know what I'm doing wrong?




Edit -:

Had a look in; C:\Program Files\Vectorworks 2017\Libraries

and the downloaded libraries are not in there! they do however appear in the 2016 library folder.... But then again, I did download them last year anyway...

Are these 2016 versions ok to copy across?


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Ok see attached...

It's a bit convoluted, but here goes... there's an explorer shot of the structure within vw2016 folders, showing the renderworks textures installed... (Note, they're not in default content)

Then there's a shot of the structure within the vw2017 folder, and they don't appear (not even in the default folder.)

Then the content installer showing the "installed" items (I highlighted the red bits)

Then a shot of the resources browser, inside the default renderworks textures folder (sorry, I'm not with my 4k monitor at the moment so the list is a bit short)

and finally, the folder structure within the vw2017 install, showing the default folder not containing the relevant, supposedly installed libraries!


Normally I'm pretty good with computers, files and the like. (former MCSE) so I don't think I'm doing anything wrong.


Oh yes, the filter's set to "all resources" too.


Thanks again everyone.

2016 library.jpg

2017 library.jpg

content installer.jpg

Default libs.jpg


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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

When you search for something like Brick or Wood with the Renderworks-Textures folder targeted, what happens?

When you select a #d object and go to the Render tab of the Object Info Palette, select Texture for the object, then try to pick a texture, do you see the expected list?

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Your 2017 libraries defaults looks exactly as mine.
When I do a search for "arroway", they all appear (from these Asphalt, Ceiling, ... folders).


The Problem for me is that RM will not show all files or content in a folder.
You have to open these manually and click on the file first to get the content shown.

And unfortunately all Texture's Files are occluded in a own Folder.
Little tedious that way to explore these.

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  • Marionette Maven
1 minute ago, zoomer said:

For me they are spread over all folders.
ArrowWood will be in Wood Folder, ArrowWoodFloor in Flooring Folder, ....

Yes, I see this as well.

I moreso wanted to state that they do get installed properly, just not at the root of the folder which I think is what was being expected.

They are somewhat scattered, unfortunately.

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Yes, I also think that is correct.
In the past, I think, these were Select Service only, so positioned outside of the Defaults Folder was ok.
Now being everybodies content it makes more sense to have default resources in the Defaults Folder.
And this is even more comfortable for Service Selected.
(While less exclusive ;) )

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OK... well that's an interesting workflow.

I do have all the arroway textures available in the resoure browser, in the right folders.... But they're not downloaded or installed. They're showing with the cloud icon, ready to download, despite having already downloaded them through the VW package manager..

It's a bit of a daft waste of bandwidth, and pretty much makes the package manager redudent I suppose, and installation via the resource browser must be the only way to go.


Also, I can't see a way of batch downloading many libraries.... you have to do each one individually.


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4 minutes ago, MarissaF said:

Have you restarted Vectorworks since downloading them? I noticed that the cloud icon didn't go away until I restarted, even if I refreshed the libraries within the Manager.

You're absolutely correct... a VW restart made them appear, (But like you I had done the "update libraries" function also)

Very odd.

Thank you! :)


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