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Poll : 2D, 3D and BIM usage


2D or BIM  

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  1. 1. I mainly work .... (user names private, single vote only)

    • 2D only
    • 2D only, with Plugin Objects like Walls
    • 2D only, with Plugin Objects, Viewports on Sheet Layers
    • 2D/3D Mix, Sheet Layers + Viewports
    • 3D modeling only, no 2D at all
    • 3D, with Sheet Layer + Viewports
    • 3D, BIM, 2D generated + Annotations

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I am trying figure out what you mean by the following: 

  • 3D, with Sheet Layer + Viewports - Does this mean section/elevation/plan viewports directly into annotation sheet layer. 
  • 3D, BIM, 2D generated + Annotations - Does this mean design layer viewports from model enhanced as linework in a design layer and laid out onto sheets?
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If I only knew what I was thinking of at that time :)

I think
1. 3D was meant like I do, mainly 3D Modeling but VP's and Sections for Modeling Control Illustrations, and
2. BIM, for generation of real, official and complete Construction Documents.

So something like 100% BIM through all LODs ...

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