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Reliability of VW2017 - share your experiences

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I'm experiencing some bugs:

  • Selected objects aren't registering in the OIP.  It takes a view change (from Top/Plan to Left Isometric and back to Top/Plan for instance) for the information to populate in the panel.
  • There seems to be an extreme lag in placing images, either directly onto a layer or when creating a texture.  It hangs w/ a beachball (mac) for about 20 seconds before the file directory opens to select my image. 
  • As reported by others, opening 2016 files is slow.  Usually 45-60 seconds.

The new features seem great though, so hopefully the kinks get worked out soon!

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4 hours ago, Chris Busch said:

I'm experiencing some bugs:

  • Selected objects aren't registering in the OIP.  It takes a view change (from Top/Plan to Left Isometric and back to Top/Plan for instance) for the information to populate in the panel.
  • As reported by others, opening 2016 files is slow.  Usually 45-60 seconds.

The new features seem great though, so hopefully the kinks get worked out soon!



Here too.

Plus some precision issues in 3D (snapping?), snap is often ignoring me :)

Selection sometimes sleeps (e.g. lines forced to Layer Plane in 3D Elevation View)

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We've had a bunch of problems converting files to the new version (which VSS support have so far been able to pinpoint and tell us how to fix).


Crashes occur relatively frequently and randomly.


Revit import is absolutely useless.  I'm really annoyed by this, as it was actually the main reason we didn't wait for SP1, since we wanted to take advantage of manufacturer Revit families for some FFE drawings.


The custom cabinet tool is pretty awesome though.

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On 10/4/2016 at 6:31 PM, Kevin McAllister said:

Well, another first with VW2017. I used the uninstaller, which I've never done before. After a few weeks of working with it VW2017 developed all sorts of random quirks, the most annoying of which was hanging completely when quitting. I had to force quit after quitting every time. I'd already tried resetting my settings/preferences so I thought I would try an uninstall and re-install of a fresh copy. I don't remember ever doing a complete re-install of a VW version before.


Things seem calmer again. Hopefully this time it will behave.




I also found ...


3 plus minutes to open and display 2016 files I had in previous projects . 

Extreme lag on entering / exiting Groups 

Unworkable lag in trying to work with Open GL / Mirror objects etc . repeated waiting for the beach ball to stop spinning . 


Have now gone back to using 2016 and will uninstall and try a reinstall of 2017 at a later date . 


Then a processing of crashes - perhaps 6 over one day - No stall prior to crash .... application simply vanishes . 


A little confused as to my experience after reading of snappier response times in redraw etc etc .





VWA  2016 / 2017 

Mac Pro late 2013  

3,5 GHz 6-Core Intel Xeon E5


27" Thunderbolt / Cinema Display X 2

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I"m having multiple difficulties as well. Quite long wait times in very ordinary processes, such as zooming in and out a little faster than usual causes to program go into an eternal beach ball. Or turning on all of the classes results with the same situation. Eye-dropper tool simply makes the object lose all of its' attributes and turn them into fully transparent things with no pen or fill. (I experienced this with image filled rectangles). Anybody else experience the same thing?

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All running smoothly on all the computers in the office and at home. Only the graphix screen shudder occasionally (once every 4 days maybe) when moving something on screen whilst still holding a command. Crash maybe once a week. Nothing is an issue with the program. VW sorted out the missing file for renderworks and Windows 7 Pro and all been going well there also.

If you have issues try running a file on the local drive and disconnect from server. if things speed up talk to you teck support about permissions.

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I'm a single seat, I work every day using VW in both 2D and 3D, but have experienced no significant problems. No more crashes than I had with 2016 and earlier which means roughly once every 2 or 3 weeks. 


Graphic performance (using good performance and compatibility setting) is stable, i.e.and no worse than 2016.


With that said here are several oddities that I attribute to working on files that started out as 2016 or earlier files. For instance Batch Convert works most of the time but I have experienced  the situation where some files won't translate unless individually opened in 2017 and then saved one at a time. Also have experienced the situation where a newly created or copied object did not show up in the OIP.  Did not reoccur after copying (laboriously) each design layer + objects over to a new 2017 file.


On the whole I'm doing just fine.



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We have noticed that some symbols that were drawn in VW2014 have some odd tendencies; disappearing & reappearing, appearing when ACTIVE CLASS ONLY is selected while no part of the symbol has even part of the active class, and symbols sometimes appearing temporarily 40x's larger than as drawn and looking stretched when looking in an isometric view within a Viewport. 

We plan to redraw the symbols from scratch in the future, but it is most annoying at present. These symbols have been batch converted from 2016 where they were rock solid. Before we redraw I'm going to experiment with batch converting directly from VW2014 where they were created.

I have also noted a VW2015 file from a client will not batch convert or open in VW2017 but will open in VW2016. Even when the VW 2016 version is saved, it will not open in VW2017. Likely a flaw in the 2015 file, but odd that even saving as a 2016 file won't let me open it.

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I find 2017 to be a little quirky as well.  Most of what has been already covered..  While growing pains are expected, the fact that some of the previous version symbols, renderings, and site models don't seem to be as polished as they were prior.  For us, some of our work comes back around frequently, I find myself often going back to sites we had designed in versions 2009 or 2012.  Its frustrating building libraries of parts and textures, and find that they don't quite work the same or produce different results and need to be redrawn.  It somewhat defeats the purpose.


I really like a lot of the the tools in VW 17, it simply feels slower than all the other versions, and crashes significantly more. I guess the real heartache here is by the time 17 gets working clean..18 will be on the way.  When your in a subscription model like this you want to get the most use possible. However waiting half a year for bug fixes seems silly when the next version is on its way? 


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I feel like I revived a silent thread which goes hand in hand with this thread;

At the same time I think I have been too harsh too sudden in my earlier post. The problems are hard to reproduce as @JimWpoints out in this post as well;


I had too many crashes in one file but once I was able to secure somehow (change location, re-download from server, export to VW16', open back up in VW17', restart machine) VW17' is running smoothly now. Albeit I did lose half a day with all this. SP3 coming out soon, anybody know?


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