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Is there any way at all to define the area that will export to an image file? I have a layer link zoomed way in on a model and a LOT of masking to cover up everything off the page. I only need the information on the page, but when I export an image file I get everything in the file. Even if I turn the resolution way up (5500x4500 pxls) the part I need is really small and low resolution. I can't just crop it out. ???????

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I don't believe that version 9, (or was it version 8), has the "marquee" function that allows you to mark the area you want to export.

In earlier VW versions I used to make a layer just to export from. It's kind of a pain but copy the elements that you want to export to this export layer and then export from there.

Another way to do this is if you have photoshop, or similar software, you can go in the exported file and crop there. In This case you don't have to mess around with an export layer.

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The marquee select for exporting an image is only available in VW 10.

This was one of the many new features introduced for VW 10.

If you are not using VW 10, you can use a perspective view to "frame" the drawing and export the drawing as an image file. The resulting image file should be whatever is in the 'frame' resulting from setting the view to perspective.

If you don't want a perspective view in VW 9 and earlier, there isn't much else you can do within VW to "crop" your drawing for exporting to an image.

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