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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

It's been a big week! Lots of wishes submitted, bugs identified, questions answered. I'm about to sit down and eat myself silly with a lovely crab feast that Vectorworks Inc has set us up with. But it occurred to me I really haven't shared too very much about us and how we work. I'll start with this, my battlestation:


I can not function without a bit of clutter, it's how I know where I put everything! How do you all wade into the daily battle of technology and design?

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This is my desk.  I don't have an up-to-date photo of it as it's far too messy now to admit to.  Since this photo was taken, another 23" monitor has been added to the right of the iMac, so that it's a 27" screen flanked by two 23" screens.  There's also a new printer.  The MacBook is only there sometimes.

Just finished the design for my mobile production desk, so when it's built (could be months) I'll check back.


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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee
21 minutes ago, Tom Klaber said:

I am thinking of a 39-40" 4k TV as my next monitor.  There are a couple that are only 400-500 bucks.  Has anybody tried this?  I do not game, so I am less concerned about refresh rates.  Any advice?

It very much depends on the TV, but if it offers HDMI or DisplayPort (Making sure that it supports those connection types at the screen's native resolution, sometimes they sneak 720p or 1080p-only limits in there, check the specs.) it is generally fine as long as the refresh rate is around 60Hz+ minimum.

If you have to adapt to VGA or Component (YPbPr) then you should avoid it as it often looks like junk. 

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  • Marionette Maven

This is (the current state of) my cube. All of those sticky notes are things I have planned to do for Marionette. It's a mess.

Also, notice my 'lazy girl' foot hammock. One of my best investments.

My home workstation often includes the kitties in real life... Once we finish moving, I'll share that setup ;) 


(PS. I almost NEVER touch the Mac. It's probably my worst enemy as a QA tester.)


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@Alan WoodwellThat chair looks super comfy.

@MarissaFWhat a mess.  How do you live with yourself.  ^_^

@barkestLearning or teaching?

@Tom Klaberat least you look connected.

@michaelkI like that Stanley "file" drawer

@barnes2000Does it come with a cup holder?


@MickeyLooks like room for one more Monitor.  Panoramic style.

@Andrew DaviesAre those mac minis?

@JimWThe consummate techy!

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4 minutes ago, JimW said:

Gotta tell the bossman I totally need that for... testing... purposes.

Careful what you wish for... might not be so much fun after 8 hours of arm waving.. err finger dragging. I'm old enough  to remember how much I relied on the old drafting table for support during those long nights!:D

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