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BIM - Hiding screen plane objects when in perspective view

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Hopefully this is just a simple fix. Would really appreciate some feedback since this has been irritating me since our firm switched to BIM.

I don't want to see my screen plane annotation when I flip the model in to a 3D view in OpenGL. Is there a setting that hides all of this floating text?

My normal work-around is to have saved views with my annotation classes turned off, but sometimes I just want to quickly view the model in perspective with my current settings. Everything drawn on screen plane overlays and obscures the model.

Is there a quick fix for this that I'm missing? I feel like there should be a way to turn off all screen plane objects regardless of class.


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View > Unified View Options > and unchecking Display Screen Objects should do it.

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5 hours ago, JimW said:

View > Unified View Options > and unchecking Display Screen Objects should do it.

I don't like any screen objects and always try to avoid them.

But deactivating these in Unified View Settings,
will that still allow me to draw a rectangle to use as VP Boarder before I create a VP, no ?
(The only reason I ever use these)
Sometimes, even I try hard to not produce one of these, if such an object happens somehow,
I instantly recognized these in 3D and can correct them to Layer Plane again.
In UV deactivated, I wouldn't even realize there is something wrong ?


And total confusion,
when you deactivate visibility of Screen Objects for all 3D views by Unified View,
you see them only in Top Plan View, and there is no difference between Screen or Layer Orientation ...
what is the meaning of those then in general ?
So only as a temporary setting for unified view ?


VW help helped a bit by how it is working but not necessarily helped for what these are used.
But have also to watch the videos.

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