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Switching to VW?

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Hello all, I am seriously thinking about switching from AutoCadd to VW. I do all my renderings in 3d Max and was curious how well I can transfer VW files to Max. I read through the forums already and didn't really find any answers. Any help is greatly appreciated thanks...

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VectorWorks is capable of outputting two filetypes that can be imported in 3DMax.

The first one is DXF/DWG. The advantage of those is that you can use the layers to make a distinction between different materials or object types. Perhaps you will even be capable to update your scene in Max when your DWG has changed (as is possible with ACAD), but I have never tried it and can't right now - I don't have Max at hand.

Disadvantage is that VectorWorks doesn't use Solids as known in ACAD. As long as you make polygonal geometry, you have no problems. But when you start using what is known as PowerPack (NURBS in VectorWorks), you won't be able to export this data to DWG/DXF without converting it to a mesh first.

Of course, if "organic" geometry is important, you can always export it from VectorWorks as IGES, which as far as I remember is supported by Max. The disadvantage is that you don't get the layer system as you do in DXF/DWG - not as far as I know.

To summarize: 3D in VW is much more versatile and flexible than in ACAD (and i have a 3 year 3D-ACAD experience to back up my opinion), so you will have better performance. Exchanging however will demand a couple of tests before you can take of. I have no doubt it will be possible to exchange, but you should first run a couple of tests - those will save you time in the long run.

If you want, I can post some files that you could try to open in Max - I'm curious about the best workflow [smile]

Kind regards,


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Thank you very much for your reply and suggestions. I actually just purchased VW yesterday and should be recieving it today or Monday. I will try everything you suggested and will keep you up to date on what I find out. Thanks again and I'll keep you updated.

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