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Anyone want to be one of my 2017 Marionette guinea pigs?

Marissa Farrell

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Hey guys!

I'm looking for users who have 2017 installed to test a network for me...

It's the file I was using before for image processing. It should be cross platform, so both Windows and Mac users are welcome to give it a go, but you MUST use VW 2017. This network WILL NOT work in 2016.

Attached is a file with a test image and a network. My suggestion would be to not change the test image, but if you really, really want to give it a go, make sure it's still a small image. I would recommend under 100x100 pixels - this network takes a while to run if you use a large file. (One of mine took over a day...)

Some additional information to be aware of:

1) This network will install an external python library from the web. The library will be installed into your userfolder/Python Externals. You can delete this at any time and it should not affect how VW runs.

2) This network will create a 'temp' folder in your user folder. This folder is created to store the image that is exported from VW, then imported later. This is done because the Pillow commands require an actual image time to query. You can delete this later, if you would like. Every time you run the network, the image will be re-saved to this location, unless you edit the code.

3) Again, DO NOT use a large image. I promise, there's a chance you would regret it.


So I'll end this with a 'use at your own risk' clause, and I would suggest saving/closing any important files you have open in VW in the off chance that you encounter a crash/hang/whatever. Please tell me if you encounter a crash!

Also, I'll field any questions you have. If you want more info before giving it a go, let me know, and I will do my best to answer them. This is a very limited script at the moment, I still have a lot more in mind. I just want to make sure it goes well small-scale before I go big :)




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Hi, this worked fine and quick. It downloaded something then ran fine. I will try other images in a while.
12.3KB jpg and took only a few seconds to do.
Interesting that I changed the image and that one did not work well so I deleted that image and put another on in, but the old image just kept coming back. Checked that i changed the names and purged the image.???

This image that wouldn't go away (City aerial view) made the computer work hard and maybe 5 min to render.




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