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User Interface

Please clean up all these redundant Tools like Move 2D vs Move 3D,
That should be normally done by graphically "Move by Points" Tool anyway.
So if such a numeric only Tool needed at all, extend function to something like "Set Position"
"Set Rotation" to assign same Values to multiple selected (different types of) Elements
Or things like "Import Single"/"Import Multiple DWG"

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User Interface

Use Cursor Direction in any Tool to avoid the need of negativ numeric input.
Use it to activate the appropriate Axis's Input Field.
If not possible better renounce of the red bubble at all and make negative input needed
for all Tools. So you will know where you at.
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User Interface

Additional Ressource Manager Light like it was before with Ressource Browser.
A simplified small er Version that you can leave open and docked at the side.
Just for quickly editing, renaming or duplication of Symbols, Styles, ....

While keeping the Ressource Manager Ribbon for when doing larger/longer
Ressourec Management Actions.

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I pulled my (Main) Basic Tool Bar down.
And it only wants to use the whole bottom length.
Maybe I need to fill the bottom corner first - before filling the columns ?

Or is it because Basic Tool Bar is 1-row only ?


But I like Marissa's idea of the all time available resource manager at the bottom !

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User Interface

Maybe not only use "Tool Sets" as tool sets but as "Workflow Sets".
So for Example the "3D Tool Box" would be more a "3D Modeling Workflow Box",
which of course needs the "2D" rectangle Tool to create a Cube,
or create a proper Cube/Slab Tool that allows to give a Z Value even in Top Plan View.

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On September 15, 2016 at 2:19 PM, MarissaF said:

Yeah, I've had some trouble getting the same setup on my Mac... I'll let you know if and when I get it there!


On September 15, 2016 at 3:11 PM, zoomer said:

Yes, pleeeeeaaaaase .....

I tried again some minutes ago, no chance :)

I've tried to do this as well on OS X with no luck, I'm guessing it is a Windows-only capability.

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