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Viewport "Styles"

Tom Klaber


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Today, a new staff member (who's new to Vectorworks) asked:


'Does Vectorworks have anything like Plot Styles in AutoCAD?'


Me - 'Good Question- that's like "Viewport Styles" in Vectorworks. I am sure that feature was in the pipeline.'


Then I remembered this forum thread.


Our new staff was shocked that something can be in the pipeline for 3 years and had no action. 


@Matt Panzer @JuanP are you able to provide updates on this?

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@Amorphous - Julian,

I agree that this is a very important feature and it's very high on my personal list.  I would say we've had it "on the radar" for a few years and much closer to the pipe since the release of VW 2019 (but not yet in the pipe). That said, we do know how important this feature is and I hope to push it in the pipe soon.

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On 9/15/2016 at 8:19 AM, Tom Klaber said:

 Then later when we realize we need to turn on the sprinkler riser class on the plan - we do not have to go to all 30 plans to make that change

Until Viewport Styles will become a reality

here are the steps with which such a workflow is possible for edit once for X Sheets


For class or layer visibility only select all the target viewports in the organization menu 

→  edit to turn on or off the target class or layer


For graphic attributes and visibility

1st define the needed graphic attributes in the Data Visualization dialog

Next Select all the target viewports  in the organization menu → edit → turn on the target class or layer and select the Data Visualization setting previously defined (see OIP screen capture)


Note that the Data Visualization tool is only available when a design layer is active


Update: The Data Visualization setting will remain set when switching to saved view design layer(s) environment → need to 

switch to Data Visualization setting to none, or find the preference or VS script to add to each saved view to switch

the Data Visualization setting to none.


To expand on the Data Visualization viewport option either as a wish or bug:

As long as Data Visualization is an option for specific Viewports it does not make sense for the Data Visualization setting

for specific viewports to remain visible in the design layer(s) environment. 


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