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Wishlist Time!

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Hey all!

Over the next few days I will be doing a hard push on catching up with wishlist items from the last few months and prior.


This is by no means the ONLY time I will be doing this, but now would be a fantastic time for you all to find your favorite wishlist submissions (either made by you or someone else, feel free to promote others) and give them a bump if they're older than the last 30 days or so. Use the Vote system on the lefthand side to draw attention, the more the better:
Screen Shot 2016-09-15 at 11.02.15 AM.png

If you have a thread that is NOT in the wishlist subforum for any reason, simply mention me directly, ask that I move it and I will.

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Do you prefer all wishes to be listed separately even though they do affect the same overall issue. E.g. with dwg import/export I would like to have text styles maintained to text in both directions, but I also have another wish related to dwg compatibility. Do you prefer each item separately, or combined?  (Of course reasons for why it is wished will be included anyway)

There is probably still quite a bit to copy/paste from the multi-page wish list of earlier this year after taking out the ones that are now available in VW2017 :$

So I don't want to put in too many single requests if that is not needed.

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Yes single requests are best for tracking and increases the likelihood of them being picked up. It DOES create more forum traffic but I feel it is absolutely worth it.

For the various megathreads that already exist, don't worry about those, I will attack them and pull them apart into component wishes, just upvote the original post with the widget on the left once to get my attention.

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