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Custom Cabinet object is a hidden gem in Vectorworks Architect 2017

mike m oz

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7 minutes ago, Chris Fleming said:

Just found this. I don't seem to have the functionality you speak of. My cabinet objects act and appear as they always have in the past. What am I missing? 

I have interiorCad for VW2014, but not for VW2017 since InteriorCad is lagging very far behind Vectorworks on their upgrade cycle. 


You see the Custom Cabinet tool, but not these options within it? Or you see Base Cabinet, Wall Cabinet etc, but not Custom Cabinet?

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Sorry Jim, I just found it. It is VERY rudimentary (at best). I love interiorcad's ability to represent real world cabinetry, but hate being chained to VW Arch 2014 in order to use it. When I found this thread, I was hoping to gain the ability to control drawer front sizes, etc. The vectorworks tools do not allow that. It gives less than satisfactory results (from a design standpoint, IMO). Place a 3 drawer stack, a standard cabinet, and a 4 drawer stack side by side to see what I mean. In the real world, all top drawer fronts should be the same height. I'll keep watching to see if that functionality ever pops up. As soon as it does, I'll kick Interiorcad to the curb! 


Thanks for the quick reply!

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