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What is 'Drilling 3d' tool shown in Renderworks video


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Ever since I saw this 'Drilling 3d' tool shown around 3m45s in Episode 13: Integration of Renderworks in Vectorworks, I've been trying to find it in 2017 without any luck.


Is this a localization-provided tool? It would be extremely useful for light fixtures that penetrate a ceiling, so that you don't have to manually boolean a hole out of it.


It also shows a tool palette that I have not seen before, is this only available to Designer?


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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

That's not stock from us, it does look familiar though. Perhaps it's part of InteriorCAD? I'll ask around tomorrow, I very rarely add any non-standard plugins because of the nature of my work, but others may recognize it.

EDIT: It occurs to me I could also just ask Stephen, I will email him ;)

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Just a bit of clarification.  The Drilling 3D and other tools generally work with a base object called a "Custom Part."  They do not work with other types of VW objects.


In the example, one would have to make the ceiling from a Custom Part, not extrude or floor or.....


That being said, they are some amazing tools.

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