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Hi all,


I'm revisiting our Title Block at the moment. While I'm at it, I'd like to add a feature that we (similarly) used to have in AutoCAD:

The Title Block comes with a field for the client logo - That naturally keeps changing.

Right now, we're just dragging in JPEGs and manually scaling them - I'm not a big fan of that.


The first option that comes to mind is the one I'm using for language options:

Have every option in a different class and turn on/off the visibility accordingly.

However, that just bloats up the template file and we have to adapt the template everytime we have a new client.


I'd like to have a little Marionette Node that does the following for me:

- Look Up a specific network folder

- List all contained image files as options to chose from

- Create a linked image based on the selection

- Find the maximum in width/height and scale to fit the "frame"


Is that doable?

Any hints to VS functions I should check out for this?


Thanks to all in advance!

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Hi, Try this one, its a simple one. You will obviously have to create your own client logos etc but the principal is the same. Will look at a few other ways to do this like a dropdown menu.

Title block_001.vwx


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Hi Alan,


thanks for the quick example.

Unfortunately, it's not a ideal option as I'm still having to edit my template anytime we have a new client.


In the meantime I've found out how to create symbols from images in a folder by studying this example:


So far, so good. Now I only need to have a method for selecting the correct symbol.


Having the loop additionally create a list of all options is one line added to the code.

However, populating a Pop-Up GPIO object with this list won't work as far as my research goes... I hope someone disagrees with me here ;)


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Hi Alan,


thanks for the support.

I've gone down a little different route with this now:

Instead of searching through a folder, there just needs to be a "ClientLogo.jpg" in the same directory as the document. Still better than what we used to do.




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Hi Hannes

A referenced Image, with a relative path, nearly could do that. But with a new image, the scale would be wrong. So you're right, searching an automatism with marionette.

Maybe the attached Node/Example can help yo to realize that. I do not know exactly, how you want to Link your Drawing to the logo. So maybe this needs to modified. The Attached Node supports the following options:

1. Path Name Absolute

2. Path Name automatically to the drawing path and automatically takes jpg with the same name like the drawing.

The Node scales the image to a fixed x-value and scale from the middle. Maybe there needs to be modification to get exactly what you want to have.




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Hi Dom,


thanks for you support.

I maybe wasn't clear on my last post: My script is already done! It looks quite similar to your approach :) Anyway, as said I'm only linking to one specific file path in the document's directory.


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