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Changing scales in the viewports

Andrew Mac

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I was hoping for some best practice.  I have been creating viewports of floors, elevations, wall details, etc then use the annotation toll to annotate and dimension on the viewport.  When I go ahead and change the scale of the viewports, my annotations get all screwed up and I have to go back and adjust all the verbiage to make it look right.

Is there a better approach?

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7 minutes ago, DaveOlufs said:


While I'm a relative newbie, some training I've seen suggests doing annotations in the viewports rather than design layers...I suspect for that reason and to leave the 3D model clean in the design layer.  

As far as I understood,

create some extra 2D Layers and Classes
and do as much of Annotations in Design Layers
and only as few as needed in Annotations.

But never do all you stuff in Design Layers with different Scales and such.
Make use of Viewports on Sheet Layers for final Presentation and Publishing.

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The eternal battle rages on.....

Because we have mostly worked in 2D, I have been a big proponent of annotations in design layers.  I can see that when you move to a full BIM model - that the scale shifts toward the annotations of the viewport.  But the new tools that VW introduces forces some annotations to be on the design layers such as room names and now interior elevation tags.

This needs to be addressed. There needs to be a more thoughtful workflow for annotations. 

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The 'Space' tool allows you to have multiple scales of the the tag, so one Space object can display different info on differently scaled Sheet Layer Viewports. The Space objects should be drawn on your Design Layer, not inside a SLVP.

Creating Spaces with the Space Tool - Vw2017 Help

I'm not sure how well the 2017 Interior Elevation tool works at multiple scales of Sheet Layer Viewports.

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There are at least 2 ways to rescale a viewport:

1. Select the vp and adjust the OIP scale field. In this method a) text annotations do not scale so font size is unchanged. b) text annotation locations do not scale so text boxes lose relative position. Design layer text displays in new scale with options in OIP Advanced tab.

2. Select the vp, then Modify>Scale Objects>apply a scale factor. In this method a) text annotations rescale with same proportion so font size increases or diminishes proportionally. b) text annotation location scales proportionally so relative positions are maintained. Design layer text displays in new scale with options in OIP Advanced tab.

(traveling, so no experience yet with v2017- assume above applies.)


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