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Creating an uneven slab in Vectorworks Spotlight




I am trying to create a 3D parking lot site in Vectorworks Spotlight. All four corners of this parking lot are at different heights. I have tried extruding a rectangle and reshaping, but I can only reshape 2 of the four corners. I have also tried using the slab and grade tool, but I am unable to create what I am wanting. I need to create a parking lot that is exact to the image attached.

Any suggestions/something I am not doing correctly?

Thank you!

2nd and olive elevations.jpg

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You can use a Nurbs Surface.

Rectangle selected > Model > 3D Power Pack > Create Surface from Curves

Set U + V Degree to 2 each, so you get as much Anchor Points along your edges as you have given Heights.
Move these in Top Plan View to the Points of the given Heights.
Like in a Polyline you can cycle through these knots and apply the given Heights.

Now you can thicken your final surface by 3D Toolbox > Shell Solid by setting a Numerical Thickness Value.
Just select that 1 (only) Face and confirm.

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