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Wall Join Changes

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For some instances the new wall join seems to work much better. there is at least one curiosity that I thought I saw addressed on this board regarding the new X join. Why does it break it into individual walls? In VW9 and below intersecting walls could be joined without separating them.

If I was to hazard a guess why this happened I'd say it was an easy way out for programming the wallstretch/auto heal feature (very nice by the way)

we talked in the office and opinions were split about 50-50 which way caused the most problems. I am curious what the NNA explanation is.

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The X join is new to VW 10. In the real world, you have one contiuous wall and two other walls that are 'joined' to it at the x point.

Basically, instead of 2 walls, you have 3 walls in the real world - which is why one of the walls stays one piece and the other two are broken.

The wall you click on first is the wall that will be broken in half.

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