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Axis Lock by SHIFT+


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Did someone already repair this ?
And if, when ?

It looks like it is working reliably when testing so far.
That was not so in prior VW versions and I even think it was still not ok in earlier VW 2016's.

Can someone confirm this ?

If so that would be fantastic !!!
This was one of my Top Annoyances in the past.
And no need to create another wish list item.

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

Not sure. I had some users report issues with this, but I was never able to replicate the problem in house. We also for a while suspected an issue with a specific Mac keyboard firmware update but I think I had windows users report it too. I can not find any specific confirmed bugs that show this issue was intentionally corrected.

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In the past it was that when a "true" element snap point like a corner was near your desired direction,
that snap point was prioritized. The result was that your, for example, line was not constrained or level at the end.
As far as I see that works now for me.

The other thing was that SHIFT Axis Lock lost its locking as soon as you left your path by some degrees.
In current tests it will lock reliably until you exceed about 40 degrees. Which is much better.

While I still think that locked means 100% locked - because the user showed that will by pressing SHIFT.
Even if you want to lock to X-Axis but need to snap to an Element much more far in Y-Axis,
so the resulting Angle from wanted Path is nearly up to 90 degrees, it should lock.

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Was this issue ever resolved?

The shift lock is still not working as intended where it loses its lock as soon as the cursor moves too far from the locking point. 

Currently, the only method is the "T" (smartpoint) lock but that doesn't work when the cursor is hovering over a line (bug?). 

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We could argue if that is a bug from user perspective or works beautifully as designed.

At least there did not change very much much during the last 5 VW releases.


SHIFT Lock got a bit more strict and reliable over the last releases.

Beside the Width-longer-than-Length-and-I-will-switch-direction problem,

SHIFT Lock works nearly ok. At least compared to other solutions that

may tend to destroy and override such Lock by an object snap priority.


As you said, "T" sometimes works but is not a real replacement for all cases either.

I think that all extends to general 3D thinking in VW.

Priority of a Top Plan View vs equality of all other 3D Planes, Screen Plane approach,

having "Top Plan"-like View behavior for other planar "2D" Side Views in 3D Space or not.


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Today I decided to create an account for this forum because I cannot believe there is no consistent way to lock your direction. I am I feels like I'm losing hours every day drawing construction lines and waiting for guides to snap correctly. Why would the direction not hold if you deviate by more than 40°? It's just so inefficient.

Sorry for the rant


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