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Class and Layer name auto complete

Matt Overton


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This would be nice, as it makes adding subclasses a bit easier.

Maybe there could also be an option to use the navigation palette where clicking on a class that has subclasses, the class prefix will be automatically used as a start for the new class name.

e.g. there are already two classes Office-ground floor and Office-First floor. If in the navigation palette I would click on the Office level of the class hierarchy and right-click and then in the pop-up menu select new it would start the new class name with "Office-"  or "Office-ground floor-" if there are subclasses to the ground floor and I'd select the Ground floor level of the class hierarchy.

The same could then apply to other things where such levels/prefixes are used.

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Last round of office system update we bound most of our common class names in to symbol objects that can be pulled in to the file as a group. Makes it easier to taylor the class list to project size, style and phase. Also of late (and v2017 target office system will follow this) been building template Legends for different drawing styles so if you pull in right legend you have 80% of the classes you need. We keep the template class pretty tight with some clear expansion families (i.e. Materials, Area, Department, Wall,...) to suit the part of the project that are different. 

This why Autocomplete would be great type 2-3 characters of those class families hit tab then add the new child, a lot quicker and far more flexible than the template list. 

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