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Slow Rendering of Elevation

Josh NZ

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I have a series of elevations for a single storey building.

For some reason they are taking a really long time to render.

Similar projects normally take under a minute sometimes as fast as 10 seconds to update.

This current one is at 7 minutes and still going.

Is there a way to find out what is slowing it down?



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Thanks for all the help guys.

I have been able to isolate it down to one layer. There are 4 shown in the earlier image (site, floor, walls, roof).

I have made 4 VPs, each showing only one of these layers. The roof, floor and site update within seconds, the layer with the walls seems to be the culprit.

Will see if I can isolate the class / object that is cauaing it and submit.


Thanks again.

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8 hours ago, Josh NZ said:

I was able to narrow it down to walls. Have about 4 wall classes (new, existing, type 1 and type 2).

With just one of those classes on (approx 5 walls), the render was really slow.

I think that could help the developers to track that strange behavior down,
if you send them your file and observations.

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