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saved sheets problem/question

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I'm using vw 10.1.2 on OS X.2.6.

The problem I'm having is with saved sheets. I have a drawing of a house divided into classes and layers. I'm trying to create saved sheets of various layer /class combinations in order to create useful drawings. (I.e., a site plan where only the slab and the site plan are visible, all walls (a separate class) are shut off. I want to save this as a sheet that I can print, return to at any time. After I've made the necesary choices from the "saved sheet" dialogue box, and then accessed this drawing from the saved sheet menu, I find that the settings that I've made for the save sheet have become global. That is to say, after I save a sheet with the walls (a class) invisible I go to any other layer in the file and all the walls are invisible, and I need to access the class dialoge box and turn the invisibility back on for each layer of the file. Is this the way it is supposed to work, or am I doing something wrong?

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that's the way it works.

after you reset classes to your normal working condition

save the set up as another saved sheet.

then you can activate that saved sheet to get back to work after printing.

althou saved sheets discribed like printing sheets

they can be used for all sorts of view set ups.

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yep that's the way to do it.

(or the other way is to set up all your sheets

making sure to set active class to the one most relevant to that sheet.

then when you draw you have the sheet active that is most relevant to what you are drawing.

that way you get an idea of how the drawing set is coming together as you draw.)

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