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Sheet setup and line weights

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in the saved sheets dialog box there is button "edit script"

which you can add a script to run when the sheet is activated.

but you need to add a script to all the sheets.

(so that if someone needs to reprint just one sheet at a later date it still works right)

if you draw by class then the script could change the attributes for each of the classes.


if you don't draw by class then messing with linewieghts in scripts gets really messy very quickly, and you tend to end up with all the wrong lineweights all over the place and no easy way to fix. or worst all the same really thick or thin linewieght for everything.

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I'm plotting numerous files with up to 20 plus sheets at three different scales. I know that plot scale works, but I don't want to have to change the plot scale from sheet to sheet as I go. Adding a script to the saved sheet and using the "plot sheets" command is much more efficient. Ideally, if you're plotting numerous sheets at varying scales it would enable someone to hit "plot sheets", repeat the command for the other files and walk away without doing anything else.

Anyone know where I'd find one of the scripts to add to saved sheets?

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Originally posted by Runtime Error:

Anyone know where I'd find one of the scripts to add to saved sheets?


PROCEDURE ScaleLineWeight; { ? Petri Sakkinen 2003 }


factor = 0.5;



SETLW(h, GETLW(h) * factor);






[ 08-01-2003, 08:38 AM: Message edited by: Petri Sakkinen ]

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