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Worksheet issue

Bruno Sá


Hello everyone,
need some help with worksheets...
I'm trying to create my own space area worksheet for a new template in VW2016.
I created 5 spaces to be listed and test the worksheet, but the space named Living Room
isnt listed with the correct name, insted of this it appears as another bath! In the image
you can see that the value of the area listed is correct (43,41m2) but the space name is
shown as "bath".
I tried to create the space in diferent ways, check all the fields in the object info pallete,
and redraw the example for the spaces as well for the worksheet! Can someone help me?



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You might just need to refresh the worksheet to make it update.

The space object naming is a little tricky.  There are 3 name fields.

The space name from the pulldown menu in the OIP is =('Space'.'11_Name')

If you set the pulldown choice to "Custom" then a field will open up below.  The database call for that field is =('Space'.'11_Space Name Cust')

Whichever one you're using, the name that gets displayed on the space object itself uses the database call =('Space'.'11_NameDisplay')

VW will let you change the name in =('Space'.'11_NameDisplay'), but it will instantly revert back to the previous name.  You have to change the name in one of the other fields and that name will propagate to the =('Space'.'11_NameDisplay') field.



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