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Can VW be hosted on a Server?

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With a PC network you have to have a working copy of the software on each workstation. With a network of 20+ users, I have a script that during log-in, will copy liscences, master workspace and plugin files from the server to each workstation to ensure that everyone is using the most up to date files and liscneces. I know it's an NT network and doesn't help you an ounce with your OSX issues, but if I can do it with a PC you must be able to do it on a Mac. Someone out there must have something similar.

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i thought it could be done using "net-install" on osX server

(which if this can't be done can it be added to the wish list)

but the other way to do it would be to set up one way Folder Sync

ie each of the client machines sync's off a folder on the server. you would just have to put in the serial numbers on each of the client machines the first time it's run.

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