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Marionette cables and connections

Lee Vaught

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Im trying too work out a Marionette that will let cables connect to devices. Kind of like a connection point that I will add to symbols. Can anyone explain this in a simpler way. Im basically trying to make a small AV symbol like  ConnectCad uses. I just need a simpler version. I m willing to put the time in. I just can figure out how to plan that Marionette..


I have watched all the videos. I just can seem to grasp what i need to start with for this item.. PLEASE HELP

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Hi, Could you give us an image or sketch of what you see the final result to be? 
Are you trying to create similar to whats in this video?? http://connectcad.com/index.php/videos
I have created a simple network which may or may not be what you are after but give us a bit more detail and we will see if we can get it started.
With the smbols you could attach records to each symbol and then print out a spreadsheet of all your rack components.



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Hi Lee,


I've been using connecCAD for some time now. After the first few hours you will see how "simple" - in terms of usability - it really is.

It's also very versatile and customizable and the connectCAD team is very helpful.

If you can put in the investment, I'd recommend not reinventing the wheel.


If you don't want to invest the money - and learn a lot by doing it yourself - Marionette (alone) is very probably not going to do the trick.

You'll have to dig into Vectorscript and might even end up in SDK programming.




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Thanks for your reply... This is a request really to educate me in the tool. I'm basically looking to make a symbol that can be modified  in many ways... If you look at a marionette script its basically looks like what I  would like to do.. I would like to select a unit.. input how many ins and outs it has.. Then be able to connect these units juts by clicking on the circles that represent connections and a line would let me connect to the next module.. So its a symbol that can be modified that looks just like a marionette script that when clicking on an input\output it would automatically draw that connection line..

I guess a easier explanation would be a symbol that works  just like a marionette programming node that lets me connect to others. or like an electrical symbol but a bit easier with the requirements I set..


does that make sense?.... This is for single line type type of drawing.



Console to processor  to amplifier  to speakers that i can program with marionette. if you are an AV guy! 

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@Lee VaughtIt sounds like you want a Marionette type interface for a line drawing tool......

Could you make some Marionette nodes that do nothing and use those to make your network? Example attached in both VW2017 and VW2016 flavours..... While this isn't how Marionette is intended to be used I don't see any reason why you couldn't use it this way....


Screen Shot 2016-09-15 at 11.43.56 AM.png

Does Nothing.vwx

Does Nothing v2016.vwx

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Hi Lee,


I am an AV guy, this is the reason I'm using connectCAD.


I know your task might sound very lightweight but it is in fact not all that easy.

Creating an object with a defined number of connection points - That's the easy part.

Then having a tool that will let you connect them to eachother - an SDK programming job.

Having the lines follow you devices as you move them around on the drawing - an SDK programming job.


The additional stuff that you might need - depending on your type of installations:

- Rack Layouts

- Metadata display

- Output Device LIsts and Cable Lists

- Cable Numbers

- etc etc


It's all doable - as the connectCAD team proves - but I wouldn't really recommend it as a first project!


If you need this to work, I would still recommend investing in connectCAD.

Apparently you already have VW, so the investment is even smaller than a more "lightweight" solution like Stardraw.

I know, this sound like advertising, but I'm just really happy with the software.



On the "does nothing node" approach:

It will introduce complications for more complex schematics (no signal types, messy crossing lines, no links to different pages).

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I thought about using the nodes as you mentioned. it just doesn't really help me work out the programming that I'm trying to use for my education. I just converted to Vectorworks a couple years ago. I can make this idea work in auto cad. I was just looking for the solution in vector works. I really dont want to purchase Connect Cad just for the use of the single line symbols. I'm not sure if those symbols would have any functionality without connect cad. If I was to just use one of connect cad schematic blocks.



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Marionette is really best for creating individual objects or groups of objects. Trying to use it to connect multiple different objects is likely to be difficult.

I still do not really understand what you are trying to do. Give us a better description, or better yet, a file that shows the types of things you need to do and we can make better suggestions as to the best way to proceed.

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