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saving to wrong date

michael john williams


Three days ago Vectorwork files have been saving to a date in March 2016. The date and year are correct but not the month. For example today 9 March 2016 rather than 9 September 2016. This is happening on all our pcs and not on one pc on existing files and new files when opened. Obviously this is frustrating as we can't easily find files and have no record when drawings have been modified or started. This is not happening on Word or other programmes.

We updated vw 2016 to the current service pack about 7 to 10 days ago.

Windows 10 updates about every 2 months and this happened 2 to 3 weeks ago.

 There have been no other updates. We are protected by BullGuard protection which has not detected any virus or bug issues.

 The problem only started 3 days ago and did not coincide with the these updates. The problem is not with any other programmes.The corect date is shown on the pc settings.

It is unlikely to be a system issue as it is happening on 2 different pcs. Whilst I am not an expert, I would say the problem is more likely to be an incompatibility between the latest version of vectorworks 2016 and windows 10 but if so the problem would have started 2 to 3 weeks ago. I believe the problem is with vectorworks.

Any help appreciated.

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