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Josh NZ

Creating Skylight in Roof Face

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I have just watched a VW youtube video on how to create a skylight. The beginning of the video says you can create a skylight in a roof object or roof face.

The instructions after this only show the roof object and not roof face thou, so there are certain steps which I am unable to follow.

I have used a windoor to create a fixed glass window. Created a 3D symbol (not 2D/3D as instructed).

Now the video shows insertion options for the roof which don't exist in the roof face tool.

Where do I go from here?

Have tried to drag and drop and a few other settings but not having any luck.

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I am interested too.

As I create flat roofs only,
I use Slabs only and mark them as Roofs for Energos.
Realized there is no Window Tool type designed for Roof Window.
Took a look at the Roof Tool but thought this is for non-level roofs only ...

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Hi, When you create your 3D symbol the the symbol object has to be at right angles to the horizontal, so hit 0 on keyboard and you should be looking at the bottom of the window, make sure you have the 0,0 in the centre of the window and on top edge. Then drag the symbol to the middle of the roof and you may get a small dormer. Click the blue dot and edit and clidk edit skylight and it should change to a skylight. It it doesn't locate correctly its usually the symbol position in relation to the 0,0 in the symbol. HTH


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Thanks Alan.

I'm not sure if I got everything.
Currently my roof openings are build by walls for the vertical components and to give the
auto boundary for the holes in the slab. It was done with path extrudes before which were
not really editable with its nurbs conversion of the path.
No Symbols because all openings have different sizes.

Your proposal :
- Use Roof Tool for my flat Roof ?
- Use Multi Component Roof ?
- Use Symbols for Openings/Windows ?
- Symbols contain real Windows done by Window Tool ?


Currently mine look like this :




Or in Section to see Wall Components :



Edited by zoomer

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You can place a window 3D symbol into a roof face. I spent ages trying to work it out when I first did this but it turns out if you drag the symbol from the resource browser onto the roof or roof face it works fine. If you drag from the drawing board then it won't work. Not sure why but that is my experiece.


Screen Shot 2016-09-08 at 14.57.36.png

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Oh, I never had a plugin like a window in a Symbol.
Have to rethink globally.

So could be Custom Geometry too, does not need to by a plugin window.
Symbol with wall cut option - cuts only walls - and roofs - not slabs (?)

A roof can be level ?

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From my very quick testing a roof face has to be a minimum of 2 degrees for it to work.

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