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Lining up Sheet layers

Andrew Mac

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I am trying to line up my sheet layers to all be in the same position on the sheet.

I am dealing with just on e floor but I have multiple variations, ie demo plan, con truction plan, funriutre plan, etc

I have used viewports and put them on the appropriate sheet layer.

How do I line all of these in the same position?

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The sheet layers themselves are fixed - If I understand you correctly you want to make sure all the viewports are similarly placed on the page.  This is a never ending issue and there is no magic tool.

The easiest way would be to put the first viewport in the location you want, and then copy the viewport - and paste in place on the other layers.  Then you can change the viewport settings to display what you want.  If you have already done the painstaking class settings and overrides, just drag those viewports to the side and then use the eye dropper tool to port over the view settings to the new correctly placed viewports. (This will only work if your design is properly stacked in the design layers.)

The only other way that I know of is the low tech way of drawing a loci or line from a known point on the sheet layer and then copying it on the other sheets and adjusting the other viewports so that the known point lines up.  If you know for sure all the viewports are exactly the same size - then you can do a move from the corner - but that is rarely the case.


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As you can snap to the geometry inside the viewport when you want to move
those viewports, I use this to align them (or better their content) with drag or
move by points tool.

But for me there were times when they changed their positions again after
being updated, although no changes being made to their outlining geometry.
I think that will be better if you use explicit viewport 2D crop geometry.

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  • 4 years later...

Anyone have an update in the past few years?  I'm trying to update each of the main plans on my Hardscape, Planting, Lighting, etc. plans.  It seems to me that one simple solution (though it would require implementation from Vectorworks Staff) would be the eyedropper being able to pick up/ apply viewport position (in relation to page origin), drawing scale, drawing label location, viewport crop (size and loc), and nothing else.


Maybe there's a way to script this?


Or has anyone developed a workaround?


Thanks for your thoughts,

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Yes, the copy in place + eyedropper w/ viewport classes & layers method definitely works.  I was hoping for a less tedious solution.  My current workflow:


  1. On 1st sheet: Set viewport crop, scale, drawing label position, viewport-on-page position for one viewport.
  2. Copy Viewport
  3. Navigate to 2nd sheet
  4. Move exst. viewport off to the side
  5. Paste viewport in place
  6. Use eyedropper to pick up all viewport properties from exst viewport and drop onto new viewport
  7. Rename and renumber new viewport
  8. Delete old viewport
  9. Repeat for all sheets

Desired workflow:

  1. Set viewport crop, scale, etc. on 1st sheet. 
  2. Use eyedropper to pick up crop, scale, dwg label position, viewport-on-page position
  3. Use eyedropper to drop properties on all applicable viewports

Maybe someone knows an improvement on my existing workflow, or a way to implement the desired workflow?


Thanks for any thoughts.


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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

Here are two menu simple commands that help in aligning sheet layer viewports:

  1. Get Viewport Location:  Run this on a selected viewport to save its location.
  2. Set Viewport Location:  Run this on a selected viewport to move it to match the location of the last viewport that "Get Viewport Location" was used on.

These commands are unlocked and could possibly be improved by someone to do some of the other things (match scale, drawing label position, etc.).  NOTE:  The commands have only been briefly tested.  Usual disclaimers apply so use at you own risk. 😉 


Viewport Loc Get and Set VSM.zip

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