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Horizontal Slider Window Slash Dimensioning Problem

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I'm trying to create as slider window that has a shorter sliding window over a larger window.

I attach two images. Number 1 is the closest I can get to what I want using the window tool in Vectorworks. Image 2 is the type of window I would like to obtain (photoshopped image).

The UNEQUAL SASH option is greyed out when in Horizontal Slider Sash Type. 

Can someone please tell me how can I obtain the window type I graphically explain in Image 2.

Thanks in advance.





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I see what you're trying to achieve.  But it's not possible with the window tool unfortunately.  There is no way to adjust the "width" of each portion of the slider.

This would be something worth while for the Wishlist.  You'll have to model it if you need to visualize it in 3D.  Otherwise fudge it and draw it in 2D.

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Many thanks for the reply Markvl. Such a pity this simple operation is not possible being there already so many more complex things one can do with windows in general.

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And that is just it.  There is so much more that could be done using the window and door tool.  There are a number of items on the wishlists.

I'm hoping we'll see a few improvements in the new release.

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