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Josh NZ

Site Model vs Site Model Snapshot

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Can anybody point me in the direction of some relevant info on site models and site model snapshots.

I have a site model drawn for a steep sight. I have used a site modifier tool to show a flattened area. Now I need to show two viewports, one with the existing contours, one with the proposed contours.

I set the site models 3D display to existing then clicked Create snapshot. I then placed this snapshot on a class "site model 2".

I then changed the actual site model 3D display back to proposed. The site model is on class "site model 1".

In a viewport I would expect that if I turned one or the other class on I would see the existing or the proposed.

I can only see the proposed. If I have the class site model 2 on, no site shows.

Also when I go back to the Design Layer the site model and snapshot are not aligned.


How should I be setting these objects up so that I can show both existing and proposed site models in two different viewports.


Capture 2.PNG

Capture 3.PNG

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No Answer posted for this? I have the same question. and another? how come when I take a snap shot it seems to offset the snap shot 5m ish in the z plane? 


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Also the terrain modifiers applying to proposed / existing option does not work. It applies the modifiers regardless if the modifiers are selected to apply only to existing or only to proposed, and the site model is set to the same option. The only way I can get optional modifiers to work is to put the modifiers in separate layers, then within the site model setting, ensure its only apply modifiers in selected layers and then select the right layers. 


VW Developers, can you look at this please?

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