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Marionette Dysfunctional for Me...


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From my experience working (not playing) with marionette object is difficult.

You are right, taking a 2016 script and put it in a 2017 file is more than dangerous.

In 2017 scales are taken into account (not in 2016) so the first thing to do is to transform the 2016 file into a 2017 starting at the same scale with the 2017 document. I found it easier because once it’s done you don’t have to redo it each time you want to use the object.

Mirroring stays a “problem” when working because mirroring in the script is one thing, mirroring in real life is another. Once you work with your objects in a project it would be better if they could act like all the non marionette objects and not like?!?!?. Of course it is possible to have the mirror function appearing in the OIP but again when you work you don’t want to think when you mirror just use the shortcut.

Last from what I understand about textures maybe the solution would arise if there was a way to place the parametric functions in the texture part of the OIP. I think once the object is built when you change some parameters at a point the texture part of the OIP “sends, overrides” the script (see the showcases). Changing the place of the texture functions would as well simplify the OIP (hope for 2019?)

At last I can add that the first thing you have to do when working with marionette object is to change the automatic recording to 2mn in your preferences due to the frequents crashes. Loosing to 2mn is one thing loosing 15 is another.

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