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Andrew Davies

RW Cameras - Usage and best practices

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Would be keen to hear how people use RW Cameras (if at all)

I have just set up 6 pointing at different position (but same height, size for consistency) around an exhibition stand.

Was confused when I linked them to a viewport and the original camera disappeared. It seems as if linking the camera to a viewport deletes the camera (though you can of course edit the camera from the viewport).

But then I was thinking / kind of assuming that I could then publish / export the view from each camera automatically using the publish command or other.

But I can't - seems long winded to say the least but I needs to export an image (and draw a marquee) around each viewport.

or am I missing something?


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100% my problems too.

Until VW 2015 I did Screenshots of my rendered drawing window.

(With all the problems of using "cropped view")

The resolution of my 30" screen gave enough resolution for the clients

powerpoint presentation use. But I bought an extra Screenshot App

to make saving more comfortable.

In 2016 there are some new blue frame corners but these use always

only ¼ of my screen. You can try to use tedious "cropped viewport"

setting, but as Cameras aren't very stable I avoided this to not make

it more likely to make Cameras destroy itself. (Positions and Activations)

You can try "export as image file" with the marquee try to set "DPI" until

you get your wanted Pixel resolution.

That means you have to render the screen and wait to give the render mode,

then it will be rendered again(!) to save the image ....

Currently the only way to save out Camera Views at a (nearly) given pixel

resolution as an image format is by applying these to a Viewports, setting

an explicit Sheet Layer for each, then you can save these by Publisher.

Where I live, I have to pay more for Renderworks than for VRAY for Modo.

Compare the Features and Quality. There are lightyears in between.

I do all my "serious" renderings in Modo or C4D, with or without VRAY and

had to buy RW just to have FBX export and the C4D Exchange option.

As RW is, even the Exchange produces so much unnecessary extra work

compared to similar solutions.

VW still completely sticks in the plot and paper era.

What you can do, like for doing an architectural competition,

Create A0 Sheet Layers and nicely layout your drawing and rendering Viewports

on the paper and finally plot or save the complete Layout to PDF.

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Cameras seemed like a good way to save a view - but saving a viewport of that view was usually more stable, but now the real reason to use a camera is to use all of the advanced camera attributes and distortions like depth-of-field and bloom. 

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Without camera effects I'd not be able to achieve this type of presentation renderings. (See bloom, depth of field)


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You can also use camera effects to adjust exposure.  This helps immensely with interior shots.


The camera linking thing is a little odd when you start using it and I wish that it didn't make the camera disappear from the plans so that I could adjust and copy them.


You can export images from design layers or from sheet layers.  When going from design layers, you can choose to export all that is visible or draw a marquee.

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