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Issues with Importing MT Networks into different files


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I'm having issues with importing networks that I've wrapped up as PIO with Control Geometry.

If I copy and paste the PIO into the new document it works fine.

If I import it as a symbol from a different file, I get the following error(replacing XXX with the name of any wrappers in the network):

Traceback (most recent call last):

File "", line 1277, in

File "", line 614, in RunNode

AttributeError: type object 'XXX' has no attribute 'Params'

If I rename the wrapper it will sometimes resume working.

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Nik, Hi, can you paste a VW file for us to have a look at please.

If you copy one network to another file and you are referencing a symbol or named object that is still left in the other file location it will not work.


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