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Ungroup Node

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  • Marionette Maven

Hey Alan!

The reason the Marionette script always results in a group is so that when you re-run the network you don't end up with duplicate objects. The group created by Marionette is directly associated with the network.

The change you made may cause problems in the end. Say you wanted to change your base shape, by altering the ungroup node, you will now end up with 2 pillar objects instead of replacing the original one.

The best practice is to manually ungroup once you're satisfied with your results to detach your object(s) from the network.

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  • Marionette Maven

That alert often means that you're trying to ungroup a plug-in object.

For example, if you were to insert a door into your drawing and attempted to ungroup it, you would encounter that error.

I would guess that your network may be using a command that creates a plug-in object when you encounter that error using your modified ungroup node.

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