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Snap to angle not working anymore :(

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Ive just recently noticed my snap to angle function is only picking up 90° angles.

It used to snap to 30, 45, 60 etc, but now thats no longer the case

I did have a former staff member using my VW for a while just before I noticed it stopped working. Is there any setting that could have disabled this?

(Note: Does this in all projects, new and old, and all workspaces)

Any ideas?


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I am running vw 2017 on catalina since my computer died.  I did not do an instal as the program came with my data.  You cannot install VW2017 on catalina, but it works ok this way.  My data fields do not hold data/no snapping works, which is key to the way I work.  So annoying this constant need to pay the piper, computers not getting noticably faster, programs getting tiny tweaks but no big improvements.  Just a bummer to be forced to replace things for no good reason.


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