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Increase character limit for Dimension "Note"

Andy Broomell


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Coupled with increasing the character limit for Dimension Notes, we would need to be able to control the maximum text width of Dimension Notes. It should automatically or manually line-break long strings of text in multiple lines. So the Dimension Note would have a 'Max Text Width' like other notation tools, or just automatically break the text into multiple lines so it is no longer than 75% (or whatever) of the total length of the dimension.

AutoCad has the function where if you type \P anywhere in your Dimension Note text, it inserts a line break and creates a new line of Dimension Text.

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By the way, I know you can just use a text object instead, but that would mean having to undo the typing you started in the Dimension object (assuming you didn't foresee it that the text is too long), switch to the text tool, retype text, align it in the right spot, then make sure it's the same class, color, font, etc. that the dimensions use.

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