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Alternative Class Nodes

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  • Marionette Maven

Hey guys,

Sarah and I were talking this morning, and I figured it would be a good idea to share some alternative nodes for Classes with you.

In the attached file are 2 nodes.

Class Name - this node will allow you to choose a class in the OIP and will output the string name of that class. It can be used in conjunction with the currently existing "Set Class" node.

Set Class V2 - This is a modified version of the existing "Set Class" node. Instead of passing a string name into the styleClass port, the OIP control will define which class the object goes into.


1) The current Set Class node that exists in the default library is located in the Attributes section, in case you're looking for it.

2) When setting the class of an object, that class will NOT be applied to the group which the object is created in. (Reminder - this group is created so that when you re-run the script, the old objects get replaced by the new objects.) If you enter the resulting group, the object inside will have the class applied to it.


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