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Jim Smith

Clipped Roof Edit Questions

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A Roof Object may be altered by using the Reshape Tool, or by Clipping the Roof and it remains a Roof Object. What happens if you don't like the way it has been clipped? Add Surface doesn't seem to work nor does the Reshape Tool work to fill in the clipped area of a Roof Object. It seems my choices are:

- Undo (this may not be an option given the passage of time)

- Delete and Rebuild a new Roof from the existing Walls

- Ungroup the Roof, & Edit the Roof Face

- Push Pull, but then one has a Generic Solid rather than a Roof Object

Is there a way to Revert or Repair a Roof Object that's been Clipped?

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I have only one suggestion other than your's (which are all workable). In the early stages of deign, when you think this might be an issue, make a duplicate of the Roof and move it 1000 ft (eg) to the left or right. The you always know where it is ;-)

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The hole seems to stay. Try this. Clip a square section out of side of roof then use reshape tool to add vertex in front of the clipped section and drag out. You get a new roof and possibly a little free floating section of roof. One would think that you would be able to paste in the clipped section or use reshape to remove it.


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I don't think so either - ungrouping the Roof and editing the Roof Face is your best option.

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Thanks Jonathan,

Funnily enough, I did try that & the mistake was attempting to reshape or add to the Roof Face rather than removing the edit object. As the Roof Face is locked, what thew me off was the error message when I attempted to unlock the Roof Face.

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On 8/19/2016 at 1:55 AM, Jonathan Pickup said:

try Edit Group from the Modify menu

I'm having problems with this too.

When I select the clipped roof object, "edit group" is greyed out in the menu.

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