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After getting crazy having double object when I wrapped or converted my script, I went into the planar node and found out that when you subtract, the subtracted object was not deleted. So as you use the object some double appears. This is not appearing if you don’t wrap.

Therefore going to the basics (vector script) I found that if you change:

“newObj = vs.ClipSurfaceN(blank, tool)”

in “newObj = vs.ClipSurface(blank, tool)” taking the N out, the object is deleted.

Hope this helps others

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Hi, This is a nice piece, I recall you do Museum work??

This all works well but can be simplified unless i am missing something.

Attached file has.

Revised - Removed the List and duplicate Nodes No duplicates now.

You still have a clear top. Not sure why you are creating the top. Why not use the solid as the transparent box and delete the clear top? The duplicate node was creating the dups.

Need to adjust the top and bottom of the clear section but over 100 it stays up but at 20 it goes below. But easy fix. Later tonight.

Will revise and try to simplify the network, but its great to see you still playing with Marionette.

Feel free to email me direct if you want to chat about your ideas.


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Have revised the network and hopefully simplified it for you.

Also you can now see the thickness of the glass to give you a more realistic appearance.


It seems we were both working on versions to upload at the same time :-)

One thing I took out is the x and y origin. Because the origin will always be relative to the Marionette objects own origin I find this a bit confusing. It would only represent the true position of the case if the Marionette object was placed at 0,0. As soon as someone drags it in the drawing, it represents nothing useful..... (It is useful for a stand alone script or a wrapped node however.)


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In the attached file I have added a marionette network with 4 lights in the glass case. Will wire them to the box later but at present you can adjust all 4 lights, their pan, tilt , beam angle and colour.You can turn them on and off.

Lights sit at the corners of the polyline. Will set up the poly to relate to the top of the glass case.

If you have a light fitting you want to use I can attach this to the Lights and it can move with the size of the case.

Not sure why the top renders white, something to sort out.

By the way in the case are "Soot Balls"

Have fun.


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Thanks for the look at my script.

I am not a programmer so I try to manage from webinar and tests. That’s why my scripts look a bit weird.

In this case the reason I need to build the glass top the way I do is professional. My job is light design (all kinds) and what I want to see is the top angle shadow inside the case.

If you look at the captures you have the results between the 3 different scripts + one capture where I added a small object so you can see the critical place.

Yes there is a pb with the “jumping texture” I don’t know why it changes name. I will add later a texture box in the OIP to change the type of bottom (painted, coated, wood or metal…) For the glass I keep the same kind based on true parameters (color deviation, clearness) depending on the manufacturer and the exhibit.

Last and interesting the speed of the rendering between the scripts in fine rendering + indirect light

Back to the post title, is it better to change or not to change the node script? Alan you are using “vs.SubtractSolid(blank , tool)” that node seems to work

PS just looked at your last post Big difference in rendering between what you get and what I get from your script. This is for the next step

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Hi, I am not a programmer either but from the forum and help from others here I am getting to understand the logic behind Marionette and the way the program works. Programming is way beyond me, but you need be able to follow logic through.

Texture jump has been an issue for some time so maybe Marissa or Sarah can see the issue.

Change or not to change scrip?? many ways to do the script and good to look at all the ways possible and see what works best for you.

Will keep trying to refine this based on your needs so we both can gain knowledge from it.

Big difference in rendering comes from the Render style that i have created for this, see the resource browser for the render style.


Edited by Alan Woodwell
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