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Importing Image


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you tried to use the path as point for the image import function :D

def RunNode(self):
#import os
importPt_ = self.Params.importPt.value		

# Changed GetFile by GetFileN
succes, fileName = vs.GetFileN('???', None, None)

if succes:
	#fullReadPath, fullWritePath, readFileExists, writeFileExists, locked, hasReadPermission, hasWritePermission, hasFolderPermission = vs.GetFileInfo(fileName)
	#name, ext = os.path.splitext( fileName )
	#if ext.lower() == '.png' or ext.lower() == '.jpg':
	#imagePath = os.path.join( fullReadPath, fileName )
	hImage = vs.ImportImageFile( fileName, importPt_ )

	# This line should be within the if block otherwise you could return the wrong object!
	self.Params.hImage.value = hImage

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