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Dragged copies of Callouts losing Text Style



Dragged copies of Callouts lose their Text Style and become <unstyled> . I have also submitted a VSS Support Request for this.


1. Create a Callout with a Text Style.

2. Click-drag a copy of that Callout;

3. Either drag the Callout leader so that the Callout flips sides, or double-click on the Callout to edit the callout text.

4. Upon finishing editing the text of the Callout (or making it flip sides) the Callout will lose its assigned Text Style and become <unstyled>.

I sure hope the new Vw2017 Analytics reporting feature can see how much time I spend on stuff like this. :(

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Heard back from Tech Support and it's a confirmed bug:

This is actually a known issue that our engineering team is working on. There are no known workarounds at this time. Hopefully it will be addressed in an upcoming release.

I really do hope it is addressed as it's one of those bugs that wastes a lot of time. I also noticed yesterday that my viewport Drawing Labels had also become , so I think this bug may be affecting more than just Callout objects.

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