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Benson Shaw

Site Model Void Modifier


I wish for a Void Modifier - sort of a 3d Pad, or a solid subtraction from the site model.

The current Site Model object cannot represent voids or undercuts such as caves, overhanging ledges, backfilled footing/stemwall objects, etc.

Use Vectorworks 3d objects - walls, extrudes or any other volumes. Locate the object(s) on the site model. Convert selection to a Site Modifier>Void. Update the site model to subtract the volume from the site model - the parts that intersect the site model. Site model reports the void in cut/fill calcs. The Void Modifier can be edited, deleted or replaced (model the foundation elsewhere & swap it into the Site Model).

Establish an entire foundation system for a building in one go, existing or proposed. Or a terrace/ramp system. Include a tunnel, grotto, cave, or buried utility, etc.


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+10 to have add and subtract solids for site models. The pad/fence tool just doesn't work for any but the simplest situations, the retaining wall tool is way too complicated and difficult - when it works at all. Generating the site model from contours or 3d loci is about the only thing that really does a good job. Don't even try to model grading for a driveway or parking area. For roads and paths, we should be able to go from a series of 2d lines representing station points, convert them to NURBS with proper elevations, loft into a surface, multiple-extrude into a solid with sides sloping to grading limits, then subtract or add to the site model. I'd rather have a terrain modeling tool that works than any dozen new whiz-bang features.

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