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The new board/forum looks nice, it's an improvement over the old one though I have not fully explored it yet. One request though if it has not been mentioned yet.... could you please consider to subdivide the troubleshooting section to some extent like the old techboard as it looks like some areas/disciplines will get drowned a bit e.g. the old dwg/dxf section is a relatively small and specific area amongst the bulk of problem questions so it would be nice to find topics on that fairly easily. Or as an alternative perhaps have an option to tag a post with general/landmark/architect/spotlight/dwg import/export etc. and a function to select all topics with that tag for those who are looking for specific discipline info?

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3 hours ago, John Whyte said:

How can we copy over our profile footers from the old forum ? Dont mind coping and pasting them, but i couldnt see where to add them into the new profiles ?

Hi John,

JimW has done a video about Signatures here - https://forum.vectorworks.net/index.php?/announcement/1-welcome-to-the-new-vectorworks-community/

And you'll also find some info to help in this post -

Signature visibility is turned off by default so that's likely why you're not seeing any. I can see yours, which is a port over of your old signature.


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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee
23 hours ago, Benson Shaw said:

I'm exploring the new forum format. Mostly like it a lot!

Excessive blank space is distracting.  Some of it could be consolidated without reducing graphic quality.


White Space.png

Wishlist this please! Tag it with "forum" and we will include it in the ongoing talks about the forum's style. This is just considered "phase 1" and we have many more enhancements planned, as well as taking user feedback exactly like this you just mocked up.

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  • Marionette Maven
23 minutes ago, Kevin McAllister said:

But the dots specifically? It doesn't seem to be tied to whether someone is a member or administrator. Some have many dots, others have only a few......


The dots refer to how active you've been on the forums. (i.e. how many posts you've contributed)

I agree that it looks misleading, but if you check out your profile it may help clear things up.

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18 minutes ago, JimW said:

See now, they titled me User Experience Manager when what I really wanted was Fleet Admiral.

Ha :D

Ideally this would be grouped together somehow. Right now you're a "Vectorworks Veteran" under your name while your number of posts is next to that and also represented by six dots along with "Forum Administrators".. Your title "User Experience Manager" used to be in your old signature. Your name is red some places but not others.....  (Why are "Forum Administrators", "Moderators" and "Members" pluralized anyway? It seems very odd to me.... except perhaps in your case since I'm sure there are clones hidden somewhere....)


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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

The titles system needs a restyling, it's in the pipe. Currently if I try to put "UEX Manager" or "Fleet Admiral" or "Lord Commander of the Kingsguard" it breaks the formatting badly, for now it's the default post rank systems from the old board but we are going to change it eventually.

The dots may be replaced as well by a badge system that will not just show activity but also areas of interest or professional expertise for users and employees alike.

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