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Are Generic Solids that contain more than Volume IFC compatible/exportable ?

I haven't seen that combination in any other 3d Software using Solid Modeling

before VW anyway. VW allows to have more than one Object, although not touching

to reside in one Generic Solid.

This will arise for example when you convert a multi extrude to a generic solid.


You can even create a Solid Addition from two 3D Polys and convert that to a

Generic Solid. You can even move these 3D Polys inside the Generic Solid

by the Push Pull Tool along their Face Normals.

These work great for export to 3D Polygon/Mesh Modelers but don't seem to

export/import for IFC.

While similar looking Solid Additions seem to appear in IFC.

Is the more geometry types known as incompatible with IFC ?

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everything that can be assigned an ifc entity to is ifc exportable.

as for the solids, i'd wish a broader pallette of solid object that can be used for floor plan generation from the aec menu.

btw, the ifc evolution (ifc doc, ifcowl) makes it a sine qua non already :)

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Everything that was OR contained any Generic Solids including multiple Volumes

did not come into Archicad at all.

While all complex Solid Additions or Substractions did. Single Volume Generic Solids too.

So may be an Archicad issue but I assume there is at least some difference in how the

geometry gets exported.

Also I see that Groups of Geometries that have an IFC Tag assigned will export

nevertheless only those included parts that have an own IFC Tag and drops

all the rest.

Do you have some more informations on geometry standards mandatory for IFC ?

Once you said Solids are included and kept solid in IFC.

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I am probably not working as complex as you are. But we have had instances were generic solids that are filled (fill is important otherwise it does not export) in symbols have "lost" there IFC tag. I have to retag within the symbol and outside of the symbol.

It seem to be a bit unstabel, but generic solids are definatly better than extrudes.


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Also I am wondering why Elements like Doors and Walls exported as IFC,

important in Archicad,

once Layers unlocked, will be recognized as real Doors and Walls and

can be edited again in Archicad.

While other elements like Windows or Slabs come in as Standard Objects

and I can edit their overall dimensions only.

I tried to look if Walls and Doors have more detailed IFC data than Slabs

or Windows but I don't see any more info between those so far.

Could be an Archicad secret though.

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Another thing is IFC tagging of Custom Elements.

I had Custom handmade Pocket and Slider Doors that I can't create

by the Door Tool. I tagged them by a standard IFC Door tag.

In Solibri I let it do some examinations (of which I have no clue so far)

like collision. I got an error that there is no information about in which

direction a door will open.

So If I will ever find the correct IFC tags to add that kind of information,

how will I ever find which will be my inner and outer sides of custom

Doors, to define the correct orientation ?


Is there a way to look at the IFC Tags created by standard Doors created

by the Door Tool, directly in VW ?

I think that clicking to the IFC Tag is meant for overwriting only.

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