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Quick House Models

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In the attached file there is a network that creates a domestic house with the roofs, walls, slab and gutters all from one polygon.

Could be good for roughing up concept models for a village.

Play with the polygons and make your own shapes. You can alter the roof pitch, overhangs and wall and slab styles.

Import a wall or slab style into your resource browser and copy to the appropriate name node.


Video available from;


Second file has the roof style included. Its interesting with the roof style the style arrives but the texture does not appear, but it you replace the roof style with the same one the texture appears.

Oh well more to figure out.

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Dear Marionette forum community,


I attached an extraction / partial copy of Alan Woodwell`s network,  House_V002_from 2016_08 with my state of  capacities & understanding.





My Fantasy for a surrounding of a piece of furniture, to be inserted later:

- A groundplan/polygon and the wall height of a room is the basis

- The Marionette network should create
  - walls
  - floor
  - ceiling
  - Windows / doors (by given measurements, each different)
  - sockelts
  - skirting

  - whatever  is imortant

Current status:

good point:

- I could extract and understand some of the aspects of Alan Woodwells network, and I see any result. (Big thank to Alan Woodwell for sharing this network!!)

Obvious lacks of marionette thinking capacities , I  got stuck with:

- no ceiling to be seen
- incorrect level of ground slab
    Top edge of the floor shoud be zero level of the room.
- Windows and doors are specific in my case, every piece is different.

My Wish:

- I hope, this message is understandable
- Maybe someone can help to  bring me on a way leading forward
  - A different way for inserting symbols, with reference point on the low corner leftside, inserting the elevation of each wall opening upon zero  
  - Visible ceiling, above Wall height
  - coherent refenrece points , the room  should go from the groung plan & height outwards


thank`s for taking notice of my stuff, maybe more

friendly regards


2018_08_04_Marionette_Room_ ground plan.vwx

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Hi, sorry for late reply.

For ceilings and other things it’s a matter of offsetting the main poly line and maybe reshaping it automatically or manually to get the other pieces.

Everything works around the original poly.

look at each little section and try to understand what it does.


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