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The ENERGOS Questions and Answers Thread


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Addition :

My building fails all standards.

Energos doesn't likes my floors slabs (2 Slabs) combination and gives me

a bad rating.

On the other side it loves my flat roof, that is one single Components Slab.

Although that has large custom openings that aren't defined as roof windows

for Energos.

So is it mandatory to work with single multi component Slabs when you

want to ask Energos ?

Second, I have a lowered area (-48 cm) in my floor that is surrounded by Walls.

Are those things compatible with Energos ?

If not, would it work with the new VW 2016 option to to 3D edits to Slabs ?

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I see the problems are the large glazing areas,

not the floor slabs.

(Not easy to see which text belongs to which Building Elements Result Image.

The word "windows/doors" is far more near to the Image of the walls)


I would like to know if tat design is Energos Calculation compatible.

Especially that I include my foundation walls to the calculation.

(frost apron)

This it what it looks like :



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1. have you set up the project with stories?

2. have you assigned proper design layers to particular stories?

3. have you checked the 'is building envelope' checkbox in the ifc property sets?

4. have you assigned the r value for all whole composed elements (slab or wall)?

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1. Yes, 1 Story

2. I have assigned the correct Story to those 6 Layers used in 3D Model

3. No. Is IFC relevant for Energos when I set all these against ground/outside things ?

4, Yes

There is a lot potential in Energos to manipulate the rating.

I meanwhile tuned my calculation now to get myself an "A" label.

Excluding foundation and attic walls made look my walls better.

Excluding my extra finsih floors slabs made the floor against ground much better,

although these would help in reality.

So it looks like you can have a 1-Slab-package only, for correct calculation and should

include additional extra layers by correction values to the main package.

So clients, don't trust any label that you don't have faked yourself.

Windows R values automatic calculations are quite strange or simple.

I think there doesn't happen any face or volume calculation.

I have large glazed areas with very small frame areas.

I checked some manufacturers solution that give a R of 0,70 - 0,80.

I reached that in VW by choosing a suitable glass package.

But as soon as I switched from standard aluminium to typ 9 aluminium,

that tuned my R value from 0,70 to 1,40 :)

Also I don't get why I don't get any Energy recuperation by my large glazed

areas so far.

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1. i think you should assign two storeys, otherwise two slabs will get messed up.

2. two slabs for one storey?

3. it is always a good start for assigning values to ifc to have the models properly analysed in, say, ies ve or solibri model checker, just to compare with energos' results.

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Yes, I think I should have kept my Roof and Foundation Story.

(I misunderstood the Energos settings which had 2-Story Buildings only and

replaced these and solved the heights with Story Levels only)


Even four.

Floor Slab, Floors, Roof Slab + the lowered Floor Slab


That makes sense.

(but have to admit that manually adding IFC Tags in the way VW offers,

is not much fun to me)

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All Floor Slabs were set to floor against ground.

Roof Slab was set as a roof.

Just because elimination of the Finish Floor Slabs from calculation makes

the Slab Package better,

I think Energos treats these Slab Sandwiches in a kind of (1/Ra + 1/Rb) /2

instead of resulting R = Ra + Rb

So the more Layers you add, the less will be the resulting R Value.

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I think it will work correct even with Slab sandwiches if you are able set the correct

boundary types.

But I need a documentation with explanation what each of those mean exactly.

As long as there isn't, and you don't want to get deeper, I think it is mandatory to

work with one multi component Slab only in your early design phase to profit from

Energos hints and don't get completely wrong ratings.

One thing I noticed is that those floor slabs I deactivated seem to came back again

or settings done to Styles didn't adapt to elements if Energos settings were assigned

locally in OIP, even when activated overwriting when updating styles.


Can't proof that so far but I was wondering from time to time.

What I miss is to be able to set Energos Values to normal custom 3D geometry.

Like I can do with IFC values.

Still not clear for me is what happens with a large Roof Opening

(if you can't assign Energos to that custom glass)

Will it make Roof Rating even better because less Roof Area calculated against

the outside ?

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i think the most important thing is the energos data entry for all architectural elements in the oip's, especially the 2nd level space boundary definition and elements assignment (building envelope), when the edifice is properly rendered with data, the systems' calculations in the energos module are already pretty easy. 

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