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Publish causes application to freeze (cinerender)

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Any ideas what would cause the software to freeze when publishing to PDF?

I am using the same template as I have for other projects.

Each sheet layer and its viewports updates fine when done manually, only around 12 sheets and apart from about 3 they are all top/plan view.

The task manager shows that cinerender is maxing out the RAM (16gb). In saying that my computers specs are the recommended for VW2016, the actual RAM is more than the recommended 8GB. The actual message that pops up if I wait till the end is "Your computer is low on memory. Save your files and close these programs - CineRender"

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

If the viewports are fine when done manually, for now disable "Update visible out of date viewports prior to exporting" for all the items on the right side of the Publish dialog under their Options settings.

I've hit this a few times and what I think is happening is that Cinerender is trying to render ALL viewports at the same time instead of sequentially. I have it submitted as a bug.

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Had this too today for the first time.

When selecting and updating all VP at one time,

VW left 4 of them non updated and said something about low memory.

But no RW included. Just Top Plan, OpenGL and HL.

It worked for the next time though.

But I remember that there were often one or more un-updated in the past.

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Have actually gone through and can't actually update viewports either. Checked my CPU info whilst updating viewports and all CPUs are maxed out to 100%. The same file was working fine last week. IS this possibly an update issue? Im thinking there hasn't been a VW update so could a windows 10 update cause this?

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We have had problems with publishing PDF files. The issue seems to be when we use the create folder dialogue box in Vectorworks. This always crashes VW. If we create the folder for the PDFs in the main OS and then go back to create the PDF files in Vectorworks all seems to work OK

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